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La Gomera has natural beaches which offer its visitors relaxing baths in the Atlantic Ocean.

Santiago beach

Playa Santiago is one of the largest beaches of La Gomera and is the only beach in La Gomera with a Blue Flag, an award that remarks a number of beaches and sport ports that acomplish certain quality levels of water, evironmental laws, as well as ensuring a certain level of health and security. How to get there

Tapahuga beach

5 minutes away from Santiago beach.  How to get there

Del Medio and Chinguarime beaches

Suitable for diving because of the numerous caves and the diverse marine fauna.

Chinguarime Beaches, Playa del Medio Tapahuga are three virtually untouched beaches that are located consecutively in the south of the island of La Gomera, in the municipality of San Sebastián de La Gomera, close to Playa Santiago.

These beaches are ideal if you seek tranquility, and in them is allowed the practice of nudism. There are mostly pebbles, and have wonderful crystal clear waters that invite us to a refreshing swim on hot days. How to get there

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