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Igualero - Erquito - San Lorenzo - El Drago - La Manteca - Los Almácigos - Magaña - Alajeró


Length of the trail: 14,0 Km.

Total estimated: 5h 15m.

Cumulative ascent slope: 807 m.

Cumulative descent slope: 1262 m.

Difficulty: Average.

14 kilometer route starting from Igualero, located next to San Francisco church, is the monument of the Silbo Gomero. The views from here extend from the peak to the sea, covering a large area including Orone Protected Landscape. Remarking the Natural Monument of La Fortaleza that stands out from Erque ravine. The views end with La Palma and El Hierro views that cut over the horizon.


Los Roques - Benchijigua - Pastrana - Bco. de Santiago - Playa Santiago


Length of the trail: 12,4 Km.

Total estimated: 4h 30m.

Cumulative ascent slope: 28 m.

Cumulative descent slope: 1113 m.

Difficulty: Average.

The Natural Monument of the Roques is located in the middle of the ravines of Laja and Benchijigua. The space includes the rocks of Agando, Ojila, Zarcita and Carmona, which are spectacular samples of intrusive volcanos, appeared as a result of erosion.


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