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Scenic viewpoints

La Gomera, due to its geography and its intricate orography, surprises at every turn and every corner that you discover as you go on foot or by car. There, possibly, you may see a new geological formation, a small village in the middle of a ravine surrounded by palm trees, a huge green blanket covering the place. Undoubtedly, La Gomera is a spectacular island.

The insular network of viewpoints is dotted with spectacular scenery where you can learn and discover the beauty of an island that the centuries have carved by wind and sea.

Each municipality in La Gomera is different. It smells different. It tastes different. They are like microclimates in a continent. Each one has its particularities. Exploring them it is possible to discover new pictures; snapshots that are different every time we approach the many viewpoints, highlighting spectacular points of geography 

La Gomera is an island lookout around and be seen. Stopping at these viewpoints is one of the most amazing experiences you can have in this paradise. Dare to discover a network of viewpoints designed so, in each of them, you become part of the landscape.

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