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The Gomeran cuisine shares certain characteristics with the rest of the archipelago. However, the peculiarities of the culinary tradition of one of the smallest of the Canary Islands stand out as being original, simple and tasty.
The geographical location of the island is what has influenced the ingredients used in cooking, from individuals cultures (yam, palm, vines, tropical trees), to surrounding waters (parrot fish) and animal husbandry (the goat).

Some of the most typical dishes of the Columbine islands are:

The almogrote. Made with cheese from goat, garlic, red pepper, salt, and in some of its variants, also tomato or pepper, is used to spread on bread or potatoes.

Yam stew. With this tuber, plus cilantro mojo or pepper, the Gomerans make a very tasty soup served in mortar in the traditional way, a wooden bowl with handle also used to prepare the mojos.

Other dishes include goat stew, parboiled parrot fish (considered a culinary delicacy in the Canary Islands) or the Gomeran caviar, made up of mackerel roe marinated in oil. Black or pretty potatoes, arrived from America centuries ago, and mojo usually area the ideal companion for these delicious dishes.

But if the Gomeran cuisine is known for something is for its pastries. Agulo is the most recognized in making desserts: cakes, macaroons, buttermilk scones and alfajores are some of its delights. Within this category, or you could even say that in the daily cooking of this island, the star is the palm honey. This is obtained from the palm trees found throughout the island. Honey is used to flavour numerous desserts, such as roast milk or curd cake.

Finally,remember that the best way to discover the culinary delights of a destination is by tasting.

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