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National Park of Garajonay

Garajonay National Park.

Garajonay National Park is one of the oldest forests in Europe. It offers the best example of the laurel forests in Europe. A relic of the Tertiary ecosystem disappeared from the continent during the Quaternary climatic changes. Since 1986, this forest full of contrasts, is part of the list of Natural World Heritage declared by UNESCO.

It has an area of about 3.984 hectares, occupying most of the central plateau of the island, creating a relief of small valleys and hills.

The park owes its name to the top of Garajonay, the highest peak of the island at 1.487 metres above sea level.

The constant humidity, due to the sea of clouds allows for this moist evergreen forest. The canary green forest covers 85% of the surface. Species like acebiño, Madeira mahogany, beech and heather are some of the more than 20 tree species in the park. Ferns, mosses and lichens give witness to the high humidity that characterizes the park.

This fauna is another example of the high biodiversity of the park. It has about 1000 invertebrate species, of which about 150 are endemic. For bird lovers it offers remarkable species such as laurel pigeons (Columba Columba bollii and junoniae).

Enhancing this spectacular park are geological monuments such as Roques or phytons. These are the remains of volcanic pipes which have eroded through the ages.

The park offers services and facilities for visitors to enjoy, a visitors centre in the town of Agulo, known as ‘Juego de Bolas’, and a recreational area called Laguna Grande.

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