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The traditional craft work of La Gomera is varied and functional. The best known is pottery, made by the cottage industry without a potterâs wheel since the time of the aboriginal Guanches. It is made from clay, sand and red ochre, the typical materials of the foothills.

The result is a noble variety of pots and recipients used in the household chores (potato dish, water jugs, milking bucket, brassier, etc.). The pottery made in Chipude and El Cercado is known for its rudimentary appearance and tradition.

Wood is used to make the well- known "chacaras" (large castanets) and "morteras" (mortars with a handle), made from local species from the laurel forest (ebony and tree heath), as well as from imported species (blackberry, wall nut, chestnut).

Plants are used mainly for making useful objects like baskets, bags, hats, etc., which are carefully made from ferns, palm leaves, rushes, rattan, cane, strips of banana leaf, etc.

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