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Hotel Jardin Tecina

The island of La Gomera is not just an island, it´s a treasure, one of seven that make up the Canary Islands. Bathed by the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the island of La Gomera is an idyllic paradise of subtropical climate between the Africa continent and Spain. La Gomera island itself, its features, are an invitation to delight and exhilarate, a simple and always wise choice. The Garajonay National Park, World Heritage, guarded by flora and fauna, symbol of the volcanic nature still unconquered; or its sternal spring weather that invites you to free your skin, to adventure, to melt your fingers with sand beaches.

Further south in this paradise, hidden among beautiful and magical gardens, crowning the quiet town of Playa Santiago, you will find a true Eden, Hotel Jardín Tecina.

A blank canvas, Hotel Jardín Tecina is a unique and chameleon space, its environment offers our guests the opportunity to draw, to capture holiday moments with a varied palette of possibilities and colours: nature, sports, relax, leisure. The limit is your imagination and imagination has no limits.

From the top of a cliff Hotel Jardín Tecina provides a dream scenario that will thrill your senses: saltwater breezes rocking your hair, the taste of salt caressing your lips, the melodic hum of the waves off the coast of Playa Santiago melting in harmony with the singing of shearwaters at dusk, the extension of an endless sea that will take your breath away.

Hotel Jardín Tecina distills life, reddish paths will lead you to its mysteries, its heart, a botanical garden of 70,000 square metres, a living museum adorned with more than fifty species of plants from around the world.

Hotel Jardín Tecina, a sensory experience, volcanic nature, legend and tradition. We invite you to write together an unforgettable story, we challenge you to experience your dream, you just have to trace the path. Our history supports us, service and quality are our flag, your happiness our reward. As wisely said by Cesarina Bento Montesinos, the poetess from Agulo: "You can be happy in Gomera".

Be happy, we are looking forward to welcoming you.

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