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Eco Finca Tecina

La Gomera is a fascinating combination of ecosystems diversity, unique among the Canary Islands and for its unique characteristics has been declared World Biosphere Reserve in 2012.

Hotel Jardín Tecina has been conceptualized keeping the singularities of the island in its design. We have recently taken a further step in this direction: ECO FINCA TECINA.

Eco Finca Tecina is an organic garden development, respecting the principles of permaculture, an agricultural design based on patterns and characteristics of the natural ecosystem.

We are creating a habitat on 9,500 m2, divided into 19 plots, a system in which the life of human beings coexists in a respectful and beneficial manner with plants and animals.

It is all about the land. A fertilized soil: 

With an holistic management of the land, we are fertilising the soil enriched with carbon, obtaining an improvement of agricultural resources to achieve environmental and social advantages in a sustainable and regenerative manner.
This fertilized soil guarantees, thanks to Playa Santiago´s weather conditions, the cultivation of every sort of vegetable and fruit at any time of the year. To achieve a great fertilized soil, many actions have to take place:

- Minimum mechanization of the plots trying not to hinder or disturb the natural feedback process of the land. Working with nature and nature cycles.
- Provide regular organic and compost material, optimising the rest of vegetables from our green areas. (Hotel Jardin Tecina and Tecina Golf).
- Avoid pest-control or other similar products helping the micro-biotic flora and a beneficial presence of microorganisms as well as natural predators against plagues.
- Rational use of water.
- Rotation and cultivation, improving the use of resources and nutrients available in the soil and generating a continuous interaction with the ecosystem.

An ecologic cultivation practice through a vegetable garden helps maintain or even increase the land fertility. Apart from obtaining healthy and vigorous plants, we´ve achieved an area full of biodiversity, harmony, pleasantness that provide on a daily basis a fresh and healthy fruit, with an excellent nutritional and good taste quality.

Enjoy our ecological homegrown garden, from our garden to your table: Different vegetables, fruits in the buffet and a complete ecologic menu at Club Laurel, created carefully with homegrown Bio ingredients.

Discover Eco Finca Tecina:

Every Tuesday at 10.00 you have the opportunity to visit our garden and experience firsthand, get to know some secrets about eco farming.

More news coming soon. Follow us on Facebook, you will be surprised.

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