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Olsen Family history

The business of the Olsen family in the Canary Isles dates back to 1904. In particular, it was Thomas Olsen who established at the time a small agricultural centre in the south of La Gomera. Thus, the family established a sea route based on tomato and banana exports to Europe from their own plantations in the Lomada Tecina and Playa de Santiago located in the south of the Colombina Island. From these beginnings, the company always remained faithful to its commitment to generate wealth among the Canary Islands community. That commitment is reflected today in the creation of 1,000 jobs in the Islands and the investment of large sums of capital in the development of different areas of activity. Activities ranging from the inter islands shipping connections to offering maximum luxury in leisure and hospitality. All are examples of excellence, such as Fred. Olsen Express has the best short haul fleet worldwide. Not forgetting La Gomera, where the Hotel Jardín Tecina, Tecina Golf or luxury residential village Pueblo Don Thomas, represent a cutting edge offer in the archipelago.

A century later, Fred. Olsen SA remains committed to improving inter island communications and the environmental friendly development in La Gomera, with a common denominator, generate wealth by involving the environment of their success. Today the company has about 1,000 employees and has a turnover of 92 million euros.

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